Why is my website not appearing on Google?

Šta znači WWW, kada ga koristimo i kako redirektovati web sajt sa www na domen bez WWW-a i obrnuto
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If your website does not appear on Google, it is likely that something is not set up correctly.

First of all, let’s briefly see how Google displays pages.

Google uses so-called bots that crawl through millions of websites every day and check them. They look at texts, links, images, and all this information is stored in their database. When someone searches Google for a term, it returns the most relevant data from its database. This process is called indexing.

This is a huge job because there are a huge number of websites on the internet and it takes a long time to get to your site at all.

When did you put your website on the server?

If you just put your website on the server, you will have to wait at least two weeks for the site to even appear on Google.

Does your site partially appear on Google?

You can easily check if Google has indexed your site at all and which pages it has indexed. Type in the Google search bar – site:YOURWEBSITE (For example site:boldizart.com) and it will return all available pages.

If it only returns some of the pages, wait a week or two and check again. The others should appear as well.

Is your website not on Google at all?

It is possible that you are blocking access to Google bots.

In the development phase of a website, we do not want Google to index half-finished and test pages, so we use the “noindex” command to prevent Google bots from accessing these pages. It is possible that the programmer has forgotten to remove the robots.txt file and this is why your website is not appearing on Google.

Check with your programmer if this is the case.

The website is indexed, but does not appear in the search results?

This problem already relates to SEO optimization.

Read more about it by clicking on the following link: What is website SEO optimization?