Smarf Solutions Novi Sad

Complete Solution for Smarf Solutions


Smarf Solutions is a software development company from Novi Sad that deals with the development of software with the implementation of RFID 360, as well as “in-house” business optimization.

Main goal
To create a website and visual identity that will make the company different from the competition.
A high-quality and fast website that such a company can proudly stand behind.
Approximate price
The price of such a project ranges from 3000 – 3600 euros depending on the complexity.
Smarf Solutions - Cilj platforme

Platform goal for Smarf Solutions and initial requirements

Smarf Solutions was a newly established company that needed a website and sales text that would be at the level of the competition, which is quite strong in this field. A unique design, optimization for all devices, technical SEO, and compliance with GDPR standards were done.

Smarf Solutions - Najveći izazovi

Biggest challenges when creating the site

  1. Cooperation with external collaborators, including designers and copywriters;
  2. Make a good user interface so that the site is clear and easy to use;
  3. Clean coding to achieve the best performance;
  4. Compliance with GDPR standards, with blocking JavaScript files until visitors accept cookie consent.

What has been done

A professional website has been created that will help the company become a market leader.

Unique design

A unique design is needed for such a serious company that is adapted to this type of activity.

UX/UI design improvement

Planning the user experience and visual identity of the site to make navigation easier and increase conversion.

Adding educational content

Creating a section with educational materials and articles to educate visitors about their business and innovative solutions.

Improved security

Implementation of the latest security measures to ensure the security of user data and protect the site from hacker attacks.

Site speed optimization

Optimize site speed through file minification, image compression, and caching to further improve site loading speed and performance.

Custom coding

Development and implementation of custom code to improve the functionalities of the site that are not available in standard WordPress plugins and themes, and ensure security and prevent potential vulnerabilities.


Reliable website

Smarf Solutions now has a fast, secure, optimized, and technically SEO-ready site that meets all their needs.

SEO optimized

The site is responsive, loads quickly, is mobile-friendly, and is optimized for all search engines.

Satisfied client

It was most important to us that the people behind Smarf Solutions were satisfied. We are proud that we have achieved this.
Smarf Solutions - Naredni koraci

Next steps

  1. Monitor the functionality of the website to identify potential problems or opportunities for further improvement;
  2. Develop new functionalities that will further enhance the user experience and meet the needs of the client;
  3. Create and implement new elements at the request of the client.

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