JP Stambeno Majdanpek

JP Stambeno Website Redesign and Optimization


JP Stambeno is a government institution and their main requirement was for a website that was designed in a style that resembled a government website, but was also modern, clear, and fast.

Main goal
Fast loading, accessibility to all services, dog shelters and on-call duty.
A modern-looking website that supports and complies with all government standards.
Approximate price
The price of such a project ranges from 600 to 850 euros depending on the complexity.
JP Stambeno Majdanpek - Cilj platforme

Goal of the platform and initial requirements

When you’re in trouble, you need emergency intervention or service.
In fact, that was the goal of this website: to load quickly and allow customers to quickly contact the JP Stambeno team in Majdanpek.

JP Stambeno Majdanpek - Najveći izazovi

Biggest challenges

  1. Complying with and adhering to all government standards related to forms and colors.
  2. Vectorization of a low-quality old logo.
  3. A website that doesn’t look like any other in the category.
  4. Creating an interface that helps users to find the information they need as easily as possible. Creating a functionality for the dog shelter.

What was done

As an institution, they had specific requirements that we had to meet.

Redesign of an old, cluttered website

We managed to turn an old and cluttered website into a real work of art that we are really proud of.

Unique design created for the company

Based on the client’s requirements, our team designed a website in line with the company’s branding and the needs of the country.

Optimization of loading speed

To make the website load as quickly as possible, we optimized the images, web fonts, and other files. We also implemented content caching.

Government form

Every government website must contain certain documents in order for the entire organization to be transparent.

Dog shelter

We created a functionality that allows dogs for adoption to be added to the website, as well as marking them as adopted once they have been.

Customized admin interface

We created a completely customized admin interface so that even non-technical staff can easily change all content on the website.

Recording of video tutorials

We recorded simple and understandable video tutorials on how to use the admin interface so that even non-technical staff can easily change the content on the website.


Optimized website

JP Stambeno now has a fast, optimized, and technically SEO-ready website that meets all of their needs.

Easily accessible to clients

The website is responsive, adapted to mobile devices, and easily accessible to everyone who needs this type of service.

Different from the others

We created a unique and professional website that stands out in a sea of the same, while still resembling a government website.
JP Stambeno Majdanpek - Naredni koraci

Next steps

  1. Development of new functionalities that will further improve the user experience and meet the needs of the client.
  2. Continuous maintenance of the website to ensure stability, security, and optimal speed.
  3. Implementation of SEO activities to increase the visibility of the website and attract new users.

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