GDPR cookie popup

High customizable GDPR cookie policy modal for WordPress

Our highly customizable module can help you to respect the GDPR Cookie Policy, and allow you to add javascript files and custom JavaScript code to your webshop for each cookie categories.

What this module does for you

  1. 5 cookie categories by GDPR standards;
  2. 4 different positions (Choose the best cookie modal position and tailor it to your requirements);
  3. See all the changes right away (After every change, the program refreshes the modal window so you can see your changes right away);
  4. Highly customizable (You can change all elements of the modal thought the admin interface);
  5. Custom logo image upload (You can upload your logo and use it instead of the default image);
  6. Changeable element, background and text colors (You can change all these colors using color pickers);
  7. Changeable texts (You can change every text on the modal window);
  8. Translatable texts (You can add a translation for every language you use on your website);

  1. Custom CSS (You can change the modal style using the custom CSS field);
  2. Custom JavaScript code per each cookie category (For every allowed category you can add your custom JavaScript code);
  3. javaScript files per cookie categories (You can add JS files for each cookie category);
  4. One-click enable/disable (you can enable/disable every modal with one click);
  5. Clear cookie (When you are testing the modal, you can delete your cookies thought the admin panel).
  6. The customers can choose which categories to want to allow;
  7. Respects the customer’s rights.
Website development process

If your website is based in the European Union, you need this module

If your website is based in the European Union (EU), or if a citizen-based in the EU may interact with your site, you’re required to have a Cookie Policy according to the law.
In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. This legislation protects the rights of EU citizens to maintain control of their personal data.
It is important to keep in mind that a Cookie Policy isn’t only required for businesses based in the EU. Having this policy is also necessary for any website getting traffic from users from an EU member state.
Your goal is ours too

Don’t forget the cookie policy

The regulations surrounding cookies make it very clear that a user must take an action that clearly indicates the acceptance of, and consent to, the use of cookies.
User consent can come in many forms, such as replying to an email or clicking an opt-in button on a website.
You can use a notice (such a banner in the header or footer of your website, or a pop-up) to inform users that your website uses cookies. This notice can link to your Cookie Policy.


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    • 5 cookie categories by GDPR standards;
    • Custom inline JavaScript code for each category;
    • Custom JavaScript URLs;
    • Custom logo image upload;
    • 4 different modal position;
    • Changeable and translatable texts;
    • Highly customizable elements;
    • Custom CSS.

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