Cues is a website/mobile application that connects audiences with films they want to see, making it easy for them to know when a film is playing at a cinema or on a platform, accessible to them.

At the front, this is a classic website with a blog system, but the main functionality of the website is visible only for administrators.

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Migrate an existing website from clean PHP into the Drupal 8 system. Create endpoints for a mobile application with back-end logic and admin panel that the administrators can upload movie trailers and see analytics about the mobile users.


Drupal, PHP, Firebase, Rest API, ffmpeg


We created a new Drupal 8 theme for this project. In the back-end, we created the logic for uploading and resizing video files on the server, collecting user data and generating charts, API endpoints that a mobile application can be connected to the website, etc.


As a result is an admin panel where the admins can upload video files, or link of them and our system upload them to the server, and resize them to 6 different dimensions for mobile, tablet, tv, etc.