ModX development

Why is ModX so fast?

ModX is a small system, tailored for quick projects. It contains only the necessary elements and that makes it so fast.

What you can do with ModX?


Fast development and work

Using ModX the website development is much faster. On the other hand, because of its size, and out-of-box caching system, the finished website also very fast.

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Content management

ModX has an out-of-box content management system. You are able to create, edit and delete pages, manage files, and much more.

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Custom front-end

With ModX you can use Bootstrap, React, Vue, or any other front-end system you want. The design of your website can be fully customized for your needs.

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Why is choosing the right ModX developer so important?

If you need a simple and fast website, tailored to your needs, ModX is the ideal system for you.
However, if it’s not set up as expected, can be become a nightmare for the website owners, so be careful witch choosing the right ModX developer.

Why us?

Frequently asked Questions

  • What’s about SEO?

    Of course, if the template is made in such a way that it respects SEO standards, ModX can be very well positioned on search engines.

  • What, if I need custom functionality?

    Within the ModX system, we can do any custom functionality, tailored for your needs.

  • I use another system. Can you migrate it?

    Yes, we can migrate any website to the ModX system and vice versa.

  • Is ModX secure?

    Of course. A team of developers is constantly working on this system, so all possible errors or vulnerabilities are corrected in time.

  • Can ModX be multilingual?

    Of course.
    There is a great system created for ModX that you can use to translate the website’s content into all languages you want.

Thank you

What will happen after booking?

After the booking, we will contact you for more details about the project.
After our meeting, you will receive an offer from ours with the development process, time, and prices.
If you agree with our offer, we will be able to start cooperation.

    ModX developer

    ModX is a secure, very fast, and easy-to-use system, ideal for small websites and applications. We can create you a website, or change your existing one in ModX.

    20 18/hour

    • Very fast and SEO friendly website
    • 3 months free maintenance
    • One year working guarantee
    • Friendly developers 🙂