Technical SEO

Get relevant visitors regularly without paying ads

Companies spend on advertising between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 a month on average. Good search engine optimization can save you this cost.

What exactly is it about?


Website audit

We will check the status of your website.
That includes not only SEO but a technical check of the entire website. You will receive a detailed report at the end.


Proposed solution

We analyze issues on your website and suggest a solution with an estimated time for each of them. You also will receive a list of the most urgent tasks.


Performing tasks

In the last step, based on our agreement we will fix all of the issues on your website and give you a report on completed ones.

Website development process

Technical SEO and SEO, what is the difference?

Generally, people mean that SEO is just adding keywords and some meta tags, but it’s just a tiny part of the whole image.

Before the blog posts and keyword strategies, the most important part is a good technical base – the technical SEO.

Website audit

What is the problem?

There are too many websites, and Google must select the best of them.

Because of that, there are strict technical requirements without your website cannot be first.

Almost everything is essential, from image resolutions to coding standards, including how fast your website is.

Technical SEO

How does technical SEO solve that?

Technical SEO fixes these requirements and gives you a very well performed website with a powerful SEO base to start a successful business online.


Frequently asked Questions

  • Why is technical SEO good for me?

    Technical SEO increases your website speed and security and creates a good base for better ranking by search engines.

  • How can I know if my website SEO-friendly?

    Contact us, and we will send you a free audit on your website’s technical SEO with a to-do list.

  • Do I need to fix all issues on my site?

    You should, but not necessarily. Even if fix only just the most important issues on your website that will increase your website’s speed and it will have a better search score.

  • How can I see the result?

    There are several applications with which you can check your website score. Also, you will be able to follow your audience through Google Analytics.

  • How can I redeem this?

    Just fill the form below, and we will contact you with the details.

Thank you

What will happen after booking?

After the booking, we will contact you for more details about the project.
After our meeting, you will receive an offer from ours with the development process, time, and prices.
If you agree with our offer, we will be able to start cooperation.

    Technical SEO

    We can make your website search engine friendly. It means that visitors will easily find your website searching for some keywords without you pay for ads.


    • Much better SEO score
    • 3 months free maintenance
    • Friendly developers ?