Web development process

We understand that messy projects are one of the big enemies of productivity, but how to be productive and finish the work on time, if the job and deadline are not clearly defined?!

We decided that one of the most significant things in our company will be that everyone (including the clients) knows who, when, and what needs to do.


1. Information gathering

To make your website successful, and to get what you want, get a clear understanding of your future website purposes, the momentous goals you wish to achieve, and the target audience. We also need to know when do you need it to be finished and do you have a domain/hosting or not. Estimate time: 2-3 days.
Purposes, momentous goals, and target audience.
A plan with flows, times, and prices.

2. Planning

Using the information you gave us, we will create a detailed plan about the project workflow with processes, times, and costs. You will able to follow our work and plan your next steps. In this process, we can modify this plan following your suggestions.
Estimate time: 7-14 days.

3. Design

This part can be longer or shorter, depending on your choice. If you have decided on a predefined design, you only need to choose one from the offered templates. If we make you design from scratch, then we make you a prototype, modify it, and create the front-end HTML/CSS/JavaScript files after you accept it.
Estimate time: 2-60 days.
Website layout and design.
Your website finally becomes “alive”.

4. Coding

At this step, the graphic elements that have been designed during the previous stages will be used to create your website. Usually, the home page is created first, and then other pages. Here we add the SEO elements, and other integrations, secure it and prepare to launch.
Estimate time: 7-90 days.

5. Testing

Testing is the last step before deploying your web site. In this step participate both, you and we. Every link, form, script, and every functionality should test here. In addition to the real user, we use various software for spell-checking, coding standards, and security validators.
Estimate time: 2-14 days.
We will add text and images to your website, or teach you how to do it yourself.
Upload your website to a server.

6. Server setup and launch

After testing your website, it’s time to upload it to a server, so your website will be available for the world. We will set up a server for you, link a domain, upload your website to it, and install an SSL certificate because of the security and better rank on Google.
Estimate time: 1-2 days.

7. Maintenance

There is always the possibility that something will happen to the website. You should make sure that everything works fine, and everybody is satisfied.
The highest priority is to fix a problem if happening as fast as you can.
Backups, bug fixes and regular updates.