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Meat Your Farmer – Startup MVP app


An application that allows people from the city to buy meat from animals raised in the traditional way without the use of antibiotics.

Main goal
The idea was to connect farms from the village with buyers from the city through the application.
An MVP model web application that meets all the basic criteria for the beginning.
Approximate price
The price of such a project ranges from 2400 – 3000 euros depending on the complexity.
Meat your farmer - Cilj platforme

Application goal and initial requirements

The goal of the project was to create a unique design and functional web application with a user profile and a payment system, a so-called MVP model that covers the most important functionalities, so that the idea could be tested in a real environment.

Meat your farmer - Najveći izazovi

The biggest challenges

  1. Creating a fully functional web application in a short time frame;
  2. Creating a user profile with registration and login;
  3. Payment system for creating invoices based on orders;
  4. A very unique and fresh design that is different from the usual websites on the market;
  5. Site optimization for better performance and speed;
  6. Compliance with GDPR standards, with blocking of JavaScript files until visitors accept cookie consent;
  7. Multilingual support.

What has been done

Our team has successfully completed the task of making something new on the market in a very short period of time.

Unique and clear design

A modern design has been designed that avoids clichés and does not look like any other “farmer’s”.

Functionality design

Based on the idea and discussions with clients, we have designed the functionalities of the application and proposed solutions.

User interface creation

Based on the functionality, we have created a user interface that meets the needs of customers.

Creating a user profile

A user profile has been created where customers can track their orders, payments and change their data

Invoice system

A system has been created that generates invoices with a QR code based on the order in order to simplify payment as much as possible.

Site optimization

Image optimization, scripts, web fonts as well as server caching have been done to ensure the fastest loading of the application.

Multilingual support

Added an option to translate the site into multiple languages to attract users from different countries and expand the market reach.


Unique web application

Meat Your Farmer received a unique MVP application with thoughtful and implemented necessary functionalities.

Ready for testing

The main goal has been achieved: The idea can be tested in a real environment with real people in a short time.

Open for change

Since this is an MVP application, the possibility of easy changes and implementation of additional functionalities in the future has been left.
Meat your farmer - Naredni koraci

Next steps

  1. Monitor website performance and analyze visitors to identify potential problems or opportunities for further improvement.
  2. Develop new functionalities that will further improve the user experience and meet the needs of the client.
  3. Continuous maintenance of the site to ensure stability, security and optimal speed.
  4. Implementation of marketing activities to increase the visibility of the site and attract new users.

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