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Get a comprehensive understanding of essential website concepts like domains, hosting, and SEO optimization. Learn how to secure your website with an SSL certificate and troubleshoot common website issues.

  • What is a domain?

    A domain is actually the address of your website.

    When someone enters the domain name that you previously chose, registered, and linked to your website into a search engine, the search engine finds your site and returns it to the user.

    To have a website or online store, you must also have your own domain.

    There are universal domains such as .com, .co, and .org, but there are also domains that are specific to a country, such as .rs for Serbia, .ba for Bosnia…

    If you plan to do business outside of the country, we recommend using a universal domain like .com. While for companies that operate exclusively on the territory of Serbia, the .rs domain is a better option.

  • What is hosting? How much does web hosting cost?

    Hosting is a place on the internet where your website is located. This is where all the images, videos, and other files that are on your site are located. Even your business emails.

    If you want to create a website or online store, you need to have hosting.

    How much does web hosting cost?

    Hosting is rented on a monthly or annual basis, and prices range from 4,500 dinars for a slightly better shared hosting plan on an annual basis, 16,500 dinars for a VPS server, and up to several tens of thousands of dinars depending on the complexity of the site.

    There are several types of hosting, such as shared hosting, virtual, and dedicated. However, for most websites, a slightly better shared hosting plan is sufficient.

    Hosting services offer various options and prices, so it is important to consult with a programming company before choosing and purchasing hosting, as they will be able to tell you which hosting package is best for you according to your requirements.

  • What is SEO optimization?

    SEO optimization is a process in which you can achieve a higher ranking for your website in search results for certain terms.

    For example, when someone types “running shoes” into a search engine, the likelihood that your online store will appear first depends on how well it is SEO optimized.

    Website SEO optimization is a very broad concept that includes technical SEO, onsite and offsite SEO optimization, link building, and much more.

    You can read more about SEO optimization by clicking on the following link:

  • Your connection is not secure. What to do?

    If Google returns a message that “your connection is not secure” when someone tries to load your website, it means that you do not have an SSL certificate installed or it has expired.

    What is an SSL certificate?

    An SSL certificate encrypts the content on your site, i.e., secures it from hackers and other malicious actors. If you do not have an SSL certificate, Google will consider your site not secure enough to display to visitors.

    We don’t even need to say that this has a very negative impact on your site’s ranking on Google and the user experience of visitors.

    To solve this problem, you need to install an SSL certificate for your website as soon as possible. If you can’t figure it out yourself, contact website maintenance experts.

  • Why is my website not appearing on Google?

    If your website does not appear on Google, it is likely that something is not set up correctly.

    First of all, let’s briefly see how Google displays pages.

    Google uses so-called bots that crawl through millions of websites every day and check them. They look at texts, links, images, and all this information is stored in their database. When someone searches Google for a term, it returns the most relevant data from its database. This process is called indexing.

    This is a huge job because there are a huge number of websites on the internet and it takes a long time to get to your site at all.

    When did you put your website on the server?

    If you just put your website on the server, you will have to wait at least two weeks for the site to even appear on Google.

    Does your site partially appear on Google?

    You can easily check if Google has indexed your site at all and which pages it has indexed. Type in the Google search bar – site:YOURWEBSITE (For example and it will return all available pages.

    If it only returns some of the pages, wait a week or two and check again. The others should appear as well.

    Is your website not on Google at all?

    It is possible that you are blocking access to Google bots.

    In the development phase of a website, we do not want Google to index half-finished and test pages, so we use the “noindex” command to prevent Google bots from accessing these pages. It is possible that the programmer has forgotten to remove the robots.txt file and this is why your website is not appearing on Google.

    Check with your programmer if this is the case.

    The website is indexed, but does not appear in the search results?

    This problem already relates to SEO optimization.

    Read more about it by clicking on the following link: What is website SEO optimization?

  • How much does a domain cost?

    Domain prices vary from service to service, but the price difference is minimal – just a few hundred dinars.

    A domain is registered for at least one year, and its price depends on the extension after the name. For example, a domain with the extension .com can be purchased for as little as 1700 dinars per year, while a domain with the extension .rs will cost around 2300 dinars.

    You can check the price and availability of a domain by clicking here or simply type “domain price” on Google and see the variations at several services.

  • Which is the best hosting in Serbia?

    Without more details about your project, it is difficult to give an answer to this question, but we will try anyway.

    The best hosting in Serbia depends on the type of website you want to create and how demanding the website itself will be.

    For example, for an informational website or a small online shop, some slightly better shared hosting is quite sufficient, while for larger stores, video streaming services, and the like, a more serious hosting service such as AWS is needed.

    Over the past few years, as we have been dealing with the creation of websites and online stores, we have used dozens of different domestic and foreign hosting services. Of all these services, we liked working with Unlimited hosting from Serbia the most.

    In our humble opinion, if you need hosting for your company website or online shop, they are the best hosting service in Serbia, perhaps even in the region.