Test your idea before you invest too much money and time

Before you make any serious investments in a new business, make sure that people need what you’re offering and that they’re willing to pay for it.

Testirajte vaše ideje uživo na realnim ljudima za realne pare

Before anything else, it is important to find out if your idea is profitable

To avoid wasting too much time and money on fully realizing an idea that may not be profitable, it is important to first test it in the real world.

The fastest way to do this is to create a minimum viable product (MVP) of your idea and try to sell it to people.

If they are interested and willing to pay for it, then you can develop the full concept and create a profitable business out of it. If not, at least you know that the idea is not viable and you can move on.


Test your idea on real people with real money

Let’s build a minimum viable web application with excellent performance and a modern design so that you can test your idea.

To this kind of web application, you can redirect as many potential customers as possible to see if they are willing to pay for your product or service.

If you receive a sufficient number of positive feedbacks, we can expand the project and implement additional features.

Walnut fund iskustva - Sumiranje dosadašnje saradnje sa firmom The Walnut Fund Srbija

One of the most successful projects we’ve worked on this way is now worth millions

At the beginning, we created a fast, modern, and clear website with a booking function and an investment profitability calculator.

Just two weeks after putting the website on the server, we received an unexpectedly large number of registrations and got the green light to continue with the project.

We added payment, user profile, referral system, and much more.

In just one year, The Walnut Fund team attracted over 380 investors from all over the world and planted over 8,200 walnut trees in Serbia!

With testing

Without testing

Test your idea with a minimum investment.
You have to invest a lot of money in an uncertain project.
A prototype is made very quickly, from a couple of weeks to around three months.
The entire project takes from several months to even a year or more.
You can set metrics through which percentage of success you will invest in the project at all.
You need to make a certain profit in order to recoup your investment.
You will have success statistics with which you can attract investors in the future.
It is very difficult to attract investors because you have no proof that the project will be successful.
ou will be able to modify or change your basic idea at any time.
After the project is completed, it is very difficult and expensive to modify the basic idea.
You can finance the continuation of the project from the earnings of the minimal project.
You have to finance the entire project yourself.
You can test several ideas successively because the investment is favorable and does not require a lot of time and money.
You have to focus on one idea because you have invested too much time and money to deal with any other idea.

You asked us

  • What do you mean by minimal functional version?

    A minimal functional version contains just a few crucial features that are needed to make your idea usable and provide value to customers. You can already offer this version for sale to your customers so that you can test it and see if it is profitable.

  • You mention a website somewhere, and a web application somewhere else. What’s the difference?

    A web application is actually a website with specific functions.
    For example: If you only have static features like text, images, image gallery, contact information, that’s a website, however, if you have a price calculator, interactive calendar, reservations and similar things, it’s called a web application.
    Anyone can make a website using a site builder, but a web application requires a serious web programmer.

  • How much does such a project cost?

    I have to say what everyone tells you and everyone hates. The price depends on the project. However, please look at our portfolio where you can see our projects with approximate prices. Click here to see our portfolio of previous work.

  • How do you make money doing a project like this for such low prices?

    If we look only at the project development, it definitely doesn’t pay off for us. At the beginning it takes us too much time, it takes several meetings, design, programming everything from scratch, and much more.

    It pays off for us only if the idea goes well and we continue to work on the project because it means that we will have long-term cooperation with clients. In fact, it only pays off if our clients become successful.

  • Can I pay in installments?

    Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve had such a request. If it suits you better to pay in installments, we can make you an offer like that.

  • Why shouldn’t I just test my idea on Facebook or Instagram platforms?

    You can, of course, but there are a few crucial problems with social media:

    • You are very limited on the technical side;
    • People will not take you seriously;
    • You cannot add online payment;
    • You cannot advertise yourself through Google;
    • They can delete your profile without any explanation.

    There are many other problems with testing an idea exclusively through social media, but they are great for advertising and redirecting potential customers to your website.

  • Why do I need to sign a contract?

    Signing a contract is mandatory in order to protect both parties’ interests. This way you can be sure that we will do everything we have agreed to beforehand.

  • Other companies offer similar services, why should I choose you?

    In the past year we have done 3 larger projects and several smaller ones in this way which have become very successful both on the domestic and foreign market. We have a lot of experience in this because we are constantly dealing with it.

    You can choose any agency or freelancer, but we advise you to first ask for several estimates so that you can decide on the best option for you.

  • I found someone who can do it cheaper.

    That’s fine. Our prices are tailored to the domestic market, and in terms of price-quality ratio we are well above average. If our price is too high for you, feel free to find another agency or freelancer to do the project for you. In any case, thank you for your time.

What do our clients say about working with us

Lazar Milosevic

Lazar Milosevic

Founder | TheWalnutFund

Very pleasant cooperation with Boldizar and Aleksandra! We are working on several projects together! We are extremely satisfied with the service, as well as their response time to updates and changes to the site. They have efficiently integrated all of our systems and our platforms are now fully automated!

Ana Sič psiholog

Ana Sič

Psychologist | anasic.rs

After just one conversation with me and a look at my Instagram account, Aleksandra felt my energy and suggested a design that is totally in line with me. They kept every agreement and ahead of schedule, offering great solutions for every dilemma. I am very satisfied with the cooperation and I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone.

Slobodan Roksandic

Slobodan Roksandic

Founder | MainPoint

The BoldizArt team redesigned my old site for me. They are very professional and actively participate in finding solutions to all potential problems. I sent them the material and they finished everything on time without additional questions or delays. I am very satisfied with how the site looks now.

Jovana Vujic

Jovana Vujić

Front-end developer

It was a real pleasure working with him. Very talented programmer, incredibly professional, hardworking and trustworthy. No project is too big for him, passionate about his work, a true professional. He is very patient, clear in all communication and easy to work with.

Ivan Babić - Altermedia

Ivan Babić

Director | Altermedia

Our company had the pleasure of working with the BoldizArt team. They are very cooperative, the service was fast and high quality, and the job was done to the highest standards. We will continue to use their services in the future.

Milos Pesic Fondacija 1%

Miloš Pešić

Founder | Fondacija 1%

The approach and dedication with which Boldižar and Aleksandra participated in the construction of the new Foundation website is something unique that I have encountered.
And besides that, I am extremely satisfied with the website – both visually and structurally, as well as functionally, but above all it stands out for its speed and clarity.

Ivana Acanski

Ivana Ačanski

Front-end developer

I have worked with Boldižar on several projects and he has always done an excellent job. He is one of the most motivated people I have ever worked with. Our communication was excellent and it was easy to get along with him. I would highly recommend BoldizArt for all of your projects!

Milan Zikic

Milan Žikić

Our team is impressed with Boldizar’s project management skills and proactive approach to improvement. We have changed several development teams and none of them can come close to his knowledge, attitude and most importantly his ability to listen and then express his opinion. We would recommend Boldižar and his team at any time with pleasure.

Borbala Šoš

Borbala Šoš

Front-end developer

BoldizArt is synonymous with professionalism and innovation in the field of web design. Their experts have an outstanding ability to create modern websites that are tailored to the needs of clients. Their work is characterized by high standards of quality, as reflected in precision, aesthetics and efficiency.

Danijela Vecanski

Danijela Večanski

Architect | ArchiCraft

Extremely professional, efficient, helpful and kind. If you need someone to create a WEB site on any topic, this team is the team for you.

Jelena Gajic Jewelry - Web šop

Jelena Gajic

Owner | JG Jewelry

Professionalism in the first place, fast and efficient agreement and the desired web shop that was completed even before the agreed deadline. What I was most afraid of was that I wouldn’t be able to explain what I wanted, but Aleksandra and Boldizar are good listeners, communication with them is extremely easy and they made the whole process very simple. Warm recommendation for cooperation!

Send a message

    What will happen after you contact us?

    We will contact you

    We will contact you shortly after your message, confirm everything again and explain the next steps.

    We will determine your needs

    Based on the conversation, we will determine your requirements and needs and send you a detailed offer.

    We will sign a contract

    After the agreement, we will send you a contract for review and signing. In this way, we will protect both your and our interests.

    We will design the website

    We will design a website that is in accordance with your idea and that follows and respects the requirements of your customers.

    We will code the website

    Once you accept the design, the programming follows. You can follow the website creation process on the web link we provide you.

    Application improvement

    Depending on the test results and feedback from your customers, we will continue to improve your idea.

    Who are the members of the BoldizArt team?

    Aleksandra S. Santo

    Aleksandra S. Santo

    Designer, founder of BoldizArt
    She is our designer.
    In addition to designing your new website, she is responsible for optimizing images and improving the quality of text.
    Boldižar S. Santo

    Boldižar S. Santo

    Unicorn programmer
    He will mostly tell you that everything can be done and then actually do what you have envisioned. He has many years of experience in this business and he really loves what he does.
    Miloš Džigurski

    Miloš Džigurski

    Server administrator
    When it comes to servers and website maintenance, he’s your man.
    Given that he does what no one else understands, he’s a real ace in our company.
    Lydia Murtinová

    Lydia Murtinová

    WordPress expert
    When it is necessary to create a fully functional WordPress website based on a design, Lydia is at the forefront of this fight.

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