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Redesign and optimization of the website for Foundation1%


One of our projects was the redesign and optimization of the website for Foundation1%, which supports young and talented people in Serbia in achieving their goals, ideas, and potential.

Slow and cluttered website, lack of uniqueness, not recognizable.
Unique and clear website that works very fast and ranks well on Google.
Estimated price
The price of such a project ranges from 800 to 1600 euros, depending on the complexity.
Fondacija 1% - Cilj platforme


Foundation1% had a website that was previously created in the site builder “Elementor”. However, as such, it had several problems:

  • Slowness: The site was very slow, which negatively impacted user experience and SEO.
  • Clutter: The site design was not clear, making it difficult for users to find the information they needed.
  • Lack of uniqueness: The site did not have a unique look, which made it difficult to build a recognizable brand.
Fondacija 1% - Najveći izazovi


To solve these problems, we did the following:

  • Custom design: We created a completely new, unique, and clear design that reflects the values and goals of Foundation1%. This design allows users to easily access the information they are looking for and better understand the mission and work of the Foundation.
  • Custom code: Instead of using a site builder, we developed custom code within WordPress. This allowed us to optimize the site for speed and SEO, as well as customize it to the specific needs of the Foundation.
  • Caching and optimizations: We implemented caching and other technical optimizations to improve the site’s loading speed and SEO position.
  • UI improvements: We worked on improving the user interface (UI) to make the site more user-friendly and easier to use.

What else was done

In our company, we specialize in creating unique and customized websites, with a focus on speed and SEO optimization. We were pleased to use our knowledge to improve the website for Foundation1%. Here are a few additional things we did for them:

Website redesign

Redesigning the entire website to improve the overall look and feel, as well as the UI/UX.

Performance improvement

Application of backend optimizations to improve performance and maintain the stability and reliability of the site.

SSL certificate setup

Implementation of SSL certificates to improve the security of the site and protect the privacy of users.

Security improvement

Installation of security plugins to protect against hackers, malware, and other types of malicious attacks.

Speed optimization

Optimization of images, application of caching, minification of CSS and JS files, and removal of unnecessary plugins to speed up page loading.

Server tuning

Optimization of the server to improve site loading speed, increase reliability and stability, and ensure adequate support for site functionalities.

SEO improvement

Improvement of titles, meta descriptions, and tags; application of internal and external links; use of keywords; improvement of loading speed; and adaptation of content for the target audience.

Personal email address setup

Setup of email servers to ensure proper delivery of email messages from the site, improve the security of the email address, and protect it from spam.

Custom coding

Development and implementation of custom code to improve site functionalities that are not available in standard WordPress plugins and themes, and to ensure code security and prevent potential vulnerabilities.


Over 1000 visitors per month

Within just a few weeks of redesigning and optimizing the site, the number of visitors to the site began to grow significantly.

Positive feedback

After the launch of the site, a large number of positive feedback was received, which only further confirmed that the redesign was successful.

Satisfied client

For us, it was most important that the people behind the Foundation were satisfied. We are proud that we were able to achieve this.
Fondacija 1%- Naredni koraci

Next steps

  1. Tracking site performance and analyzing visitors to identify potential problems or opportunities for further improvement.
  2. Developing new functionalities that will further improve user experience and meet the needs of the client.
  3. Continuous maintenance of the site to ensure stability, security, and optimal speed.
  4. Implementing marketing activities to increase the visibility of the site and attract new users.

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