Refer us and get up to 20% of the total earnings

If your clients need a website, this offer is for you!

Da li to znači da jeftini web sajtovi loše rade i loše se rangiraju na Guglu?

Do you do copywriting, marketing, or similar work?

If you do work that is closely related to website development, and your clients need a high-quality website, shop, or web application, let’s make a partnership that will be beneficial for everyone!

How does it work?

Recommend our agency to your clients and get a percentage of the earnings.
For the first 3 successfully completed projects, you will get 10% of the total earnings per project, for the next 2 you will get 15%, and for every recommendation over 5 successfully completed projects you will get 20%.

1. Apply for cooperation

We work exclusively B2B, which means that you need to have an open company or work officially as a freelancer.

2. Recommend us to others

If your client or acquaintance needs a website, shop, or web application, recommend our agency.

3. Let’s agree on the project

We will communicate with the potential client and agree on the details of the project.

4. You are involved in the process

You will be involved in all communication between the client and us, if you wish.

5. We will create the website

In accordance with the agreement, we will create the complete website, shop, or web application.

6. You get a percentage

After the project is completed and the client has paid everything in full, you will receive the agreed-upon percentage of the total earnings.

Who are the members of the BoldizArt team?

Aleksandra S. Santo

Aleksandra S. Santo

Designer, founder of BoldizArt
She is our designer.
In addition to designing your new website, she is responsible for optimizing images and improving the quality of text.
Boldižar S. Santo

Boldižar S. Santo

Unicorn programmer
He will mostly tell you that everything can be done and then actually do what you have envisioned. He has many years of experience in this business and he really loves what he does.
Miloš Džigurski

Miloš Džigurski

Server administrator
When it comes to servers and website maintenance, he’s your man.
Given that he does what no one else understands, he’s a real ace in our company.
Lydia Murtinová

Lydia Murtinová

WordPress expert
When it is necessary to create a fully functional WordPress website based on a design, Lydia is at the forefront of this fight.

    Apply for cooperation

    Send a request for cooperation, and we will contact you as soon as possible.
    We will introduce you to the way our agency works and all the details about cooperation.

    What do our clients say about working with us

    Lazar Milosevic

    Lazar Milosevic

    Founder | TheWalnutFund

    Very pleasant cooperation with Boldizar and Aleksandra! We are working on several projects together! We are extremely satisfied with the service, as well as their response time to updates and changes to the site. They have efficiently integrated all of our systems and our platforms are now fully automated!

    Ana Sič psiholog

    Ana Sič

    Psychologist |

    After just one conversation with me and a look at my Instagram account, Aleksandra felt my energy and suggested a design that is totally in line with me. They kept every agreement and ahead of schedule, offering great solutions for every dilemma. I am very satisfied with the cooperation and I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone.

    Slobodan Roksandic

    Slobodan Roksandic

    Founder | MainPoint

    The BoldizArt team redesigned my old site for me. They are very professional and actively participate in finding solutions to all potential problems. I sent them the material and they finished everything on time without additional questions or delays. I am very satisfied with how the site looks now.

    Jovana Vujic

    Jovana Vujić

    Front-end developer

    It was a real pleasure working with him. Very talented programmer, incredibly professional, hardworking and trustworthy. No project is too big for him, passionate about his work, a true professional. He is very patient, clear in all communication and easy to work with.

    Ivan Babić - Altermedia

    Ivan Babić

    Director | Altermedia

    Our company had the pleasure of working with the BoldizArt team. They are very cooperative, the service was fast and high quality, and the job was done to the highest standards. We will continue to use their services in the future.

    Milos Pesic Fondacija 1%

    Miloš Pešić

    Founder | Fondacija 1%

    The approach and dedication with which Boldižar and Aleksandra participated in the construction of the new Foundation website is something unique that I have encountered.
    And besides that, I am extremely satisfied with the website – both visually and structurally, as well as functionally, but above all it stands out for its speed and clarity.

    Ivana Acanski

    Ivana Ačanski

    Front-end developer

    I have worked with Boldižar on several projects and he has always done an excellent job. He is one of the most motivated people I have ever worked with. Our communication was excellent and it was easy to get along with him. I would highly recommend BoldizArt for all of your projects!

    Milan Zikic

    Milan Žikić

    Our team is impressed with Boldizar’s project management skills and proactive approach to improvement. We have changed several development teams and none of them can come close to his knowledge, attitude and most importantly his ability to listen and then express his opinion. We would recommend Boldižar and his team at any time with pleasure.

    Borbala Šoš

    Borbala Šoš

    Front-end developer

    BoldizArt is synonymous with professionalism and innovation in the field of web design. Their experts have an outstanding ability to create modern websites that are tailored to the needs of clients. Their work is characterized by high standards of quality, as reflected in precision, aesthetics and efficiency.

    Danijela Vecanski

    Danijela Večanski

    Architect | ArchiCraft

    Extremely professional, efficient, helpful and kind. If you need someone to create a WEB site on any topic, this team is the team for you.

    Jelena Gajic Jewelry - Web šop

    Jelena Gajic

    Owner | JG Jewelry

    Professionalism in the first place, fast and efficient agreement and the desired web shop that was completed even before the agreed deadline. What I was most afraid of was that I wouldn’t be able to explain what I wanted, but Aleksandra and Boldizar are good listeners, communication with them is extremely easy and they made the whole process very simple. Warm recommendation for cooperation!

    Not sure if you meet all the conditions or have additional questions?

    Feel free to fill out the application form without any obligation. We will contact you as soon as possible and answer all your questions.