The Walnut Fund

The Walnut Fund – Walnut Investment Platform


This is one of the most successful projects of 2022. The design and most of the functionality were completed in just six months. The project was full of challenges from the start, but it quickly became very successful. More successful than expected.

The main goal
Creating a web application with a profitability calculator, a payment system, and a user profile.
Approximate price
The price of such a project ranges from 4,500 to 5,500 euros, depending on the complexity.
A huge number of visits and over 8,000 trees sold in just 6 months.
The Walnut Fund Srbija - Kalkulator isplativosti investicija

Purpose of the platform and initial requirements

The initial goal of the platform was to provide users with a secure investment for the future, with a clear user profile where they can track their investments and earnings.

The walnut fund - Najveći izazovi

Biggest challenges

  1. Create a calculator that calculates the amount of earnings based on the investment and yield of a single tree over the course of a calendar year, as well as the income over the lifetime of the tree.
  2. Create a unique design and code the application.
  3. Create a user profile for investors.
  4. Optimize the website for better performance and speed.
  5. Implement a payment system using credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and direct bank transfers.
  6. Comply with GDPR standards by blocking JavaScript files until visitors accept the cookie consent.

What was done

Complete web application that is responsible for payment and investment tracking.

Platform design

For such a complex project, it is necessary to create a unique design that is tailored specifically for this type of application.

Payment system integration

In addition to the classic payment integration through banks and cards, integrations for payments through PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and third-party services have also been implemented.

Investment calculator

A calculator has been created that calculates the amount of earnings based on the investment and yield of a single tree over the course of a calendar year as well as over the lifetime of the tree.

Improved website security

Implementation of the latest security measures to ensure the security of user data and protect the website from hacker attacks.

Automated contract

After successfully paying the investment, the client automatically receives a personalized and signed contract.

Refferal program

A system has been created that allows investors to receive special benefits if they refer someone else who also invests.

Reservation system

On this platform, there is a so-called “empty gap” between two investment seasons, which is why the reservation system variant has been introduced.

Improved website loading speed

Optimization of the website through file minification, image compression, and the use of caching to further improve loading speed and website performance.

Analysis and optimization of SEO content

A detailed analysis of the keywords that the target audience searches most often has been carried out, as well as the adaptation of the content to better match those queries.


Over 100,000 visitors

Thanks to SEO optimization and paid advertising, the platform has achieved a success of over 100,000 visitors.

Over 8,000 trees

In less than a year, thanks to this platform, Serbia has become richer by 8,200 trees.

Over 380 investors

The platform quickly became popular and within a few months attracted 382 investors from all over the world.
The Walnut fund- Naredni koraci

Next steps

  1. Tracking website performance and analyzing visitors to identify potential problems or opportunities for further improvement.
  2. Developing new functionalities that will further improve the user experience and meet the needs of customers.
  3. Continuous maintenance of the website to ensure stability, security, and optimal speed.
  4. Implementing marketing activities to increase website visibility and attract new users.

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