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0SPV Koprojekt is a construction company that builds residential buildings in Kovin. They needed a website, billboard design, business cards, memorandums, and all other accompanying materials.

Main goal
To create a unique website design that is fast, clear, and modern.
A high-quality and fast website for the sale of apartments under construction.
Approximate price
The price of such a project ranges from 1200 – 1600 euros depending on the complexity.
SPV - Cilj platforme

Website goal and initial requirements

Based on the client’s requirements, it was necessary to create a serious and professional website that would provide enough information to potential buyers to decide to buy an apartment from them.

It was also necessary to design several billboards and other advertising materials.

SPV - Najveći izazovi

Biggest challenges when creating the website

  1. Create a professional website that provides information about all materials used and the availability of apartments;
  2. Implement custom design and clean code without using a site builder;
  3. Site optimization for better performance and speed;
  4. Adding the ability to mark reserved and sold apartments;
  5. Designing all accompanying advertising materials.

What has been done

A professional website with an excellent user interface has been created in accordance with the company’s branding.

Unique design

Due to the specificity of the requirements, it was necessary to create a design tailored to this type of activity.

Improved UX/UI

It was necessary to create a good UI/UX of the site to make it easier for potential buyers to navigate.

Website loading speed improvement

Site optimization through file minification, image compression, and caching to further improve site loading speed and performance.

SEO content analysis and optimization

A detailed analysis of the keywords that the target audience most often searches for was carried out, as well as the adaptation of the content to better match those queries.

Promotional material design

The design of billboards, business cards, memorandums, and all other accompanying materials was done.


Reliable website

SPV Koprojekt now has a fast, secure, optimized, and technically SEO-ready site that meets all their needs.

SEO optimized

The site is responsive, adapted to all devices, and optimized for all search engines, which can also be seen in the Google search results.

Better control over the site

The unique design solution has enabled better control over the site, as well as marking reserved and sold apartments by the administrator.
SPV - Naredni koraci

Next steps

  1. Monitor website performance and analyze visitors to identify potential problems or opportunities for further improvement.
  2. Develop new functionalities that will further enhance the user experience and meet the needs of the client.
  3. Continuous maintenance of the site to ensure stability, security, and optimal speed.
  4. Implementation of marketing activities to increase the visibility of the site and attract new users.

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